RCBS Payroll Services:

For over 25 years, our payroll services clients experienced exceptional, comprehensive payroll services.  Whether you have one or thousands of employees, we can customize our services catered to your specific needs.  Our services include:


Client specific payroll systems set-up


IRS and State EDD application filings


Forms I-9, W-4, Form 8655, Notice to Employee


Preparation and filing of all quarterly and annual state and federal payroll reports


Payment of payroll taxes


In-house or customized checks


Direct deposit


Garnishments and other court mandates


Special/customized reports


Worker Comp related Support


Employee Verification



Payroll Services Contacts:

  Quoc@rcbs.us or 916-348-9100 ext. 29

Rita@rcbs.us or 916-348-9100 ext. 22



5429 Madison Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95841 Tel: 916.348.9100 Fax: 916.348.9111